One year ago, Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson died. The details surrounding his death have been hazy, with law enforcement officials originally ruling the death an accident. But, Johnson’s family has always suspected foul play, and continue to demand an investigation.

On January 11, 2013, Johnson’s body was found rolled up in a wrestling mat inside his school’s gymnasium. Evidence that a surveillance video may have been altered, as well as a second autopsy disproving the polices’ theory have all surfaced. Yet the case remains a mystery.

From Newsone:

Over the weekend, the family and supporters gathered in Valdosta for a memorial event for Kendrick Johnson. The “K.J. Memorial Rally” was attended by Sybrina Fulton, the Mother of Trayvon Martin, in a show of support of the Johnson family.

On the Kendrick Johnson Memorial Facebook page, several posts on January 11 were focused on key points of the case along with various photos of the teen coupled with statements. There was little media coverage of the actual weekend rally itself although some news outlets announced it.

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Florida attorney Benjamin Crump has joined Johnson’s family in demanding justice.

While the family is attempting to remain patient and trust the government to do its job before taking other measures, Crump says they may file civil lawsuits against the city of Valdosta.

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