The cartoon comedy “South Park” has a long-standing reputation for its controversial humor.

The latest episode tackles a still touchy subject: the Trayvon Martin shooting.

In the second episode of the season, character Eric Cartman attempts to blame Token, who portrays an African American role on the show, for black rage over the Zimmerman verdict.

From the Urban Daily:

In a standard mash-up of real life events and hollywood schtick, Cartman imagines that a Zombie apocalypse is pending because Blacks have pent up rage over the Zimmerman acquittal.  After having nightmares about Token going crazy, Cartman imagines himself to be Brad Pitt in “World War Z” trying to stop an impending infection.

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As the episode progresses, viewers soon witness a turn of events. Cartman becomes an armed vigilante, relying on the “Stand Your Ground” law to justify killing Token.

“South Park” has always pushed the line of what’s appropriate in their episodes. So much to the point that school districts across the country suspended students for wearing South Park shirts to school. 

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