Believe it or not, but BYP’s resident music geek has never been to Lollapalooza.

I’ve read all about it, of course. It’s beginnings in the early 90’s typify a watershed moment in popular culture, in which alternative music (everything from Pearl Jam to Ice Cube) rose to unlikely prominence, due in no small part to the exposure Lollapalooza provided. Festivals like Lillith Fair, Warped Tour, Ozzfest and Rock the Bells would not exist were it not for Lolla.

And now the time has finally come. I’m going this weekend. And although the festival has changed since its beginnings in regards to the lineup, it’ll definitely be an interesting weekend nonetheless.

Lady Gaga is headlining tonight, in what is easily her biggest show to date in the United States. What she has planned is anyone’s guess, but the mystery is alluring enough for me to choose her set over The Strokes, as they’ll be playing at the same time (which is seriously fucked up).

Some other can’t-miss artists include Soundgarden, reforming after breaking up over 10 years ago, Green Day, Against Me!, MGMT, Arcade Fire, and a bunch of indie shit most people aren’t familiar with. But if there’s any day to hit up the fest, it might be Sunday, when the mighty Erykah Badu will take the stage at 5pm, followed by MGMT at 6, Cypress Hill at 7 (and you know what that means), rounded out by the aforementioned Soundgarden at 8.  This is an absurdly diverse and undoubtedly amazing lineup, so try not to miss it.

There will be lots of drinking, sweating, and standing, and probably a slew of poor choices made throughout the weekend, so keep me in your prayers.

And if you are going this weekend, let us know what bands you’re looking forward to seeing…and which ones you think should have been invited, below.