The summer is arriving with teenagers and young adults scrambling to find the little money available in the job market. If you’re like my brother, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that there are no more jobs in the “real” world. This old way of making money, of conforming to what jobs are available simply does not work for our generation.

It’s not completely wrong to come to the conclusion that job-hunting has stopped working; the idea that there exists a job for every individual is a pipe dream that keeps folks broke. So what do the youth do? What do us young adults—with a passion for conforming the world to our taste—do? I suppose that we be the first generation to have a general consciousness of the ineffectiveness behind the current job structure.

Just think about it: getting people to only participate in the market, by asking for jobs that are already formed, keeps a certain group of people in a specific circumstance. Of course we cannot outgrow previous generations by merely filling the limits of the system, by simply waiting in our brokeness for a job whose income may remain fixed at an unlivable wage. How else do you think it has been possible to keep people of color in a permanent lower and middle class.

The young generations can only grow the money in our pockets by expanding the scope of our creativity. What I mean is that the answer to our financial problem has to be a change from asking for jobs to creating jobs. People with money don’t limit their money-making strategies to jobs; instead, these folks find ways to make their money multiply. Most of the time this is done by investing in something new and creative. Since we are generation with a unique and unbounded creativity, we have options of cutting out the middle man.