A Louisiana man released just three days from prison after serving 41 years in solitary confinement has died.

Herman Wallace, 71, was released on Tuesday after a judge ruled that he be freed because women were excluded from his grand jury.

Wallace suffered from terminal liver cancer. 

From BBC News:

 He had maintained his innocence until his death. “He passed away early this morning among people who cared for him very much,” Wallace’s lawyer, George Kendall, told the BBC. Mr Wallace was one of three men convicted of the 1972 murder of prison guard Brent Miller. Known as the Angola Three, they have maintained their innocence. One of the three, Robert King, was released in 2001. Wallace and another man, Albert Woodfox, remained incarcerated, isolated in tiny jail cells and allowed out to shower or exercise one hour a day.

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Wallace and two others were convicted of killing 23-year-old Brent Miller who was a prison guard at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

There were no fingerprints at the scene of the crime and Miller’s widow Teenie Verret stated that she had doubts about the case of the “Angola 3” as the trio were called.


Now Herman can finally rest in peace.

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