The founder of a non-profit that seeks to help young people and inmates make a strong transition back to society raised money for the organization while in prison.

Tim Richardson created “Epidemek” in hopes of providing former felons with the support they need not to end up back behind bars. 

From Financial Juneteenth:

With so many men and women being impacted by this very serious problem, it is important that we promote the ideas of entrepreneurship, education and opportunity creation for those seeking to be reunited with their families.

Mr. Richardson’s story is especially interesting since he raised $30,000 while behind bars.  This extraordinary feat has helped him hit the ground running since his release just two months ago.  He served 11 years in prison for armed robbery, but has dedicated himself to turning his life around and doing good things for the world.

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Watch Mr. Richardson’s story:

What a noble way to give back to those who are invested in rebuilding their lives. Mr. Richardson, you are appreciated.

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