Nayla Kidd, a 19-year-old Columbia University student who was reported missing for over a week has been found “safe and sound” in Brooklyn.

A police source reported that she “just wanted to get away from it all. She rented a place in Brooklyn. She didn’t want to be at school anymore.” Sources state that Kidd reopened her bank account using her new address in East Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and she was reunited with her mother on Monday.

In addition to changing her bank account number, she also changed her cell phone number as well in order to remain invisible.

Kidd was last seen leaving a dorm party around 5 PM on May 5, and had not been in contact with any of her friends of family members since then. She had also missed all of her exams. “This is not Nayla. She prides herself on doing her very best in school,” her mother, LaCreis Kidd, told CBS 2.

At the same time, it was also reported that Kidd’s Facebook had been deactivated, her credit cards had been canceled, and her cell phone is shut off. Many fliers has been put up around the University in order to let every student know of her disappearance. There was even a Facebook group that Kidd’s friends created called Finding Nayla, in order to help find her.

Lisa Cohen, an adjunct professor at the Columbia Journalism School, tweeted about the news that New York Police Department had found Nayla Kidd.


Nayla Kidd was attending Columbia University on a full scholarship at the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

(Photo Credit: Facebook)