Anthony Olbert would have started college this fall, but his life was tragically cut short when he was killed by his mother’s husband five years ago. In honor of her slain son’s memory, Michela Duplechain has decided to earn her college degree.

From WSB-TV 2:

Channel 2’s Diana Davis first met Duplechain five years ago, just a few days after Duplechain’s son Anthony was shot to death in the driveway by her husband of just two months, Reggie Hines. Hines thought his wife was about to leave him. He’d beaten Michela since they met. After he killed Anthony, Hines committed suicide.

Duplechain told Davis that Anthony’s spirit spoke to her telling her to finish her education. She started college, earning an associate’s degree and now her bachelor’s in psychology and counseling. It was tough, but she said Anthony’s spirit kept her going.

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Anthony would have been 19-years-old had he been alive. Duplechain is set to graduate this fall from Clayton State. She also plans to obtain her master’s degree in school counseling. She currently works at Newnan Elementary School in Georgia.

No one can ever understand the pain a mother endures when she loses a child. Kudos to Mechela for taking what was a very tragic situation, and gaining inspiration from it to not only improve her life, but honor her son!

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