At 68-years-old, Steubenville resident Sandy Rue has 10 medals and a list of state competitions under her belt.

She’s currently training hard to get to the National Senior Olympics. 

From WTOV 9:

“I want to break the record,” she said. “I want to set a record. It’s OK to be the national champion, but I want to set a record.” She is coached by her husband, Paul. “It’s a great honor to see where she started,” Paul said, “from someone who never ran track before to make the commitment to get into running, she has really done a great job.” He started training Sandy after she turned 60. He taught her how to run, something she was determined to master after a friend died. “The year I went back to Akron and looked for Essie and found out she had died — she had a massive heart attack and died — that was my catalyst,” Sandy said.

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Since then, Sandy has competed in four different national competitions, and is pushing herself through an Olympic training routine that she hopes will pay off at the Ohio Senior Olympics in June.

The National Senior Olympics is set for July 2015 in Minnesota. Sandy wants to break the record for the 50, 100 and 200 meter dash. Through her actions, she also wants to encourage others to become physically fit.

Way to go Sandy! Best of luck as you go for the gold.

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