A new PBS documentary has been launched to allow whites in America to explore what the “white” experience is like in the country.

From Whiteness Project:

The project is conducting 1,000 interviews with white people from all walks of life and localities in which they are asked about their relationship to, and their understanding of, their own whiteness. It also includes data drawn from a variety of sources that highlights some quantitative aspects of what it means to be a white American.

This first installment, “Inside the White/Caucasian Box,” is a collection of 24 interviews filmed in Buffalo, NY in July 2014. Further installments will be posted in the months to come. To comment, or ask a question, please visit the project’s Facebook page.

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Let us answer the question posed in the project’s tagline, “Because slavery happened, does that mean we owe black people something?” YES.

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Is it yet another exercise of white privilege?

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