It’s no secret that the African American community has a long way to go when it comes to  accepting homosexuality. Our deep-rooted spirituality as well as the population’s strong commitment to gender roles are partially to thank for that.

But a new YouTube series is challenging those ideas.

From Clutch:

Ken The Webseries brings front-and-center the issues of sex, secrets and salvation for a  African-American man living in Brooklyn, who has feelings for two very different people. The series’ main character, Ken, played by Jarret Janako, is attempting to come to terms with his sexuality, but is torn between the woman he was to marry, his religious convictions and the other “person” in his life.

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Brookyln native Eddie Griffith directs the series. He says that while the series deals primarily with sexuality, it’s for all audiences. The series is one of acceptance, struggle and tolerance of those who may be different from you.

Griffith also hopes to call attention to the black church treating homosexuality as a taboo subject.

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Thoughts on the series?

Is it a good start to opening up the conversation about sexuality and black men?

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