Earlier this year, Nicki Minaj came under fire for using an iconic image of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X on her song cover.

Minaj borrowed an image of X peeping out of a window with a semi-automatic weapon that was captured approximately a year before his death.

The cover’s release for the song title, “Lookin’ A** Ni**a,” was mostly viewed as disrespectful to the historical figure’s legacy. But Minaj appears to not be phased. In fact, she calls out Malcolm X’s daughter in her latest song, “Chiraq.” 

Broke b**** that talk s*** now them the b**** I stunt for/Malcolm X daughter came at me/Lookin’ a** n***as ain’t happy

Listen to the song here:

WARNING: Not Suitable for work

Is the move a sign that Nicki Minaj doesn’t care about the legacy of Malcolm X? Or is she just being an entertainer?

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