Every year millions of people reflect on all the poor choices they made in the previous 365 days and vow never to repeat them again. In some cases, the old habits are completely erased, but for most folks the efforts are as futile as Lindsey Lohan staying out of trouble. I’ve never been a fan of making New Year’s resolutions due to the simple fact, that I believe change comes from within. If I allow external forces to dictate my personal agenda then I will be no more successful than Tiger Woods in a gentleman’s club.

However, there have been many key events that have taken place this year that have radically changed my worldview.  From politics, to sports, to pop culture; the amalgamation of all the information I’ve consumed in 2010 has shaped my outlook on society. 2010 was filled with bedroom intruders, musical masterpieces, political setbacks and comebacks, and amazing athletic performances.

Below I offer you a series of links to my most memorable moments of 2010.

  1. The cancellation of the Boondocks
  2. Rock the Bells Concert
  3. The Tea Party Movement
  4. Midterm elections
  5. Last quarter comeback of Obama and Michael Vick
  6. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

#Happychrismahanakwanzaka to everyone!



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