Photo by Paradise Gray

Last week I wrote that many of couch potato critics of #OccupyWallStreet need to get in the game. A great example of what can happen by just showing up with the proper attitude and spirit is Occupy the Hood, founded by activists Malik Rhasaan, 39 of Queens, N.Y., and Ife Johari Uhuru, 35, based in Detroit. Malik went to Occupy Wall Street, like many, to see what was going on. But when he saw little representation by people of color, he didn’t go home and write a scathing blog about the lack of diversity, he actually began to get actively involved to make sure our communities voices were heard.

He then linked up with Ife to start @Occupythehood on twitter which has ballooned to over 5,000 followers. I had the pleasure of meeting Ife before and know she’s serious about improving our people’s condition, which is why she’s helping to organize #OccupyDetroit. I met Malik when I went to Occupy Wall Street and saw the dedication of Occupy the Hood first hand. Below is an interview with Malik about how he got involved in the movement that’s sweeping the nation. Sometimes all it takes is that first step out the door.

@OccupyTheHood, Occupy Wall Street from adele pham on Vimeo.