Pastor Carl Sanders of Covenant Life Ministries takes the phrase “tending to HIS flock” quite seriously.

So much to the point where the Evansville, Ind., pastor intervened as a man tried to rob a store clerk at gunpoint.

Sanders entered Dollar General to purchase a Gatorade, but when he got inside he saw a man with a gun wrapped in plastic pointed at the clerk.

From Eastside 14 News:

“He was coming at me saying, ‘get on the ground,'” said Sanders. “But I couldn’t see what he had… That’s when I pulled my weapon and said, ‘no, you get on the ground.'” Sanders says he told the suspect to put his face on the ground and not to look at him. “I just told him this is out of love,” said Sanders. He stood over the suspect until police arrived.

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Sanders is being called a hero by many in the small town, but he says that he was just in the right place at the right time.

The weapon the suspect was holding was actually a plastic spoon.

Talk about “divine intervention.”

Props to Pastor Carl Sanders for his brave actions!

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