Pennsylvania Parents Sue Lower Merion School District For Wrongly Classifying Children As Special Needs Students
Huffington Post | January 4, 2011

More than three years ago, parents and students in suburban Philadelphia filed suit against their school district for classifying black children as special education students improperly. Finally, a trial for Blunt et al v. Lower Merion School District has been set.

In July 2007, eight black families filed a class action lawsuit in federal court and claimed the district had failed to provide a proper education to their children.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer:

[The lawsuit was filed] on behalf of “all present and future African American students” in the district who, “because of defendants’ acts and omissions…are denied access to the general education curriculum; are placed in below-grade-level classes; receive a modified curriculum; and/or are sent to separate, segregated schools which provides them with an education inferior to that provided their Caucasian peers.”  (Read more)