Rachel Jeantel made an appearance on the Ricky Smiley show last week.

Jeantel blasted the conservative media’s portrayal of Trayvon Martin, calling him “A family guy. I loving person, a good friend. And just somebody to talk to when you need help.”

She also discussed her educational goals; specifically her desire to become an attorney.

From NewsOne:

Ebony Steele: So Rachel, in that, what, what, because, in one of the interviews last night I saw that, uh, they were talking about, of course, the past year and a half of your life has been a whirlwind. You have not yet completed high school but you want to do that so that you can go to college, correct?

RJ: Yes, I am.

ES: And what do you want to major in?

RJ: Law enforcement. Or I’ve been thinking about an attorney, becoming an attorney. You never know.

RS: I’m sure this case right here is definitely an inspiration. You know?

ES: Right


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Wonderful! This young lady can be whatever she wants to be if she works hard.


Good luck on all your future endeavors, Rachel!