A Texas-based Christian rapper has received death threats for releasing a song in opposition of same-sex relationships.

Bizzle, 30, created a song called “Same Love Response,” as a spin off to Macklemore’s track, “Same Love” which advocates for same-sex marriage equality. 

From Vlad TV: 

On his response, Bizzle disagrees with the wide-spread promotion of gay acceptance, and as a result has been sent all types of negative messages.  People have called him a “Neo-Nazi” and “homophobic,” but Bizzle claims that he doesn’t hate gay people at all, but rather simply disagrees with their lifestyle and the way that gay acceptance is being pushed into the mainstream currently.

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Bizzle says that he doesn’t hate gay people, and is not homophobic. He simply wanted to present another side to the debate.

Listen to the track here:

Thoughts on the track and the death threats?

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