In this election the GOP has gone from ignoring Black folks, to launching a full scale operation to stop us from being able to cast a vote. Add that to Mitt Romney’s race baiting Birth Certificate joke, and this whole theme that President Obama wants people to be lazy, unemployed and rely on the government, and you have racism at it’s finest.

Well Chris Mathews from MSNBC  called out the Republican race card playing right to the face of the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and IT. IS. INCREDIBLE! Priebus literally melts after getting drenched with a cold glass of truth. Now before you say Democrats don’t care about Black people either, we can at least agree that they’re not engaged in a plan to stop people of color from even voting.

Elon James White, host of This Week in Blackness, comedian and former Republican, also comically breaks down the GOP strategy of making people of color feel UnAmerican and always unwelcome.*Warning he uses some explicit language*