Residents in Minneapolis say a sign they found outside Bar Louie in Uptown was shocking and discriminatory.

The sign, lays out the establishment’s dress code for patrons

From Fox 9:

“It’s the new Jim Crow being enforced in a colorblind way,” Michelle Horovitz told Fox 9 News.

Bar Louie is now enforcing a strict dress code that is enforced every Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m. to close and bars the following items:

– Flat-billed hats
– Large chains
– Sleeveless under shirts
– Long white T-shirts
– Athletic apparel
– Sports jerseys without collars
– Excessively baggy clothing

“What is ‘excessively baggy?'” Horovitz asked. “Who’s going to judge that? Are you going to have Grandma B sitting by the door saying, ‘That’s too baggy’?”

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Many residents believe the dress code is racial profiling, as it discriminates against a style that is mostly associated with African-American and Latinos.

Fox 9 reached out to Bar Louie’s corporate office, but did not get a response. The manager at the Uptown location did confirm that the policy was handed down by their corporate office. They say employees are simply following orders.

What do you think of the dress code?

Racist or not racist?

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