A few weeks ago, we reported on Russell Simmons’ “The Harriet Tubman Sextape,” a satirical attempt at revisionist history.

The bit argued that Harriet Tubman’s ability to free slaves was in result of her sleeping with her white master and video taping it for blackmail.

In response to criticism of the video, Simmons took it down and apologized. Game over, right? Wrong.

Simmons appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show last night, and Hall brought up the incident.

Simmons explained what happened from his point of view, but made sure to note that those who had the most beef with him about the video are “do nothing negroes…[who] tried to turn him into Paula Deen.”

Check out the clip:

What do you think of Simmon’s response to both Andre Leon Talley and other, less famous folks who demanded that he be held accountable for the content?

Has Russell done enough for black folks to get a pass for this kind of mistake? Thoughts on the clip?

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