A moment of silence for our elder Maya Angelou as she transitions into the cosmos and protects us as our ancestor….

I was first introduced to Maya Angelou in college (my high school cared nothing for multiculturalism and an inclusive education) when I took an African American poetry course.  I loved this class so much, I took the entire three part sequence.  Most people know Maya Angelou for her powerful poem, “Still I Rise” but my first and favorite piece from her was “A Brave and Startling Truth.” My interpretation of the poem is about how the planet’s beauty and how precious our lives are. But, it is also about how cruel humans have made the world.  She concludes the poems by saying that the struggle is not hopeless and peace is not a fallacy.  Anyone who is engaged in the revolution or any type of positive change must have hope otherwise your struggle is pointless.

As a Hip Hoper, I have appreciated her support for some of the greatest artist such as Common, Kendrick Lamar and Tupac.  But, her interaction with Tupac was not in the form of music, but motherly love and mentorship. Peep the below video:

Peace and blessing for all you have given the world!