Usually, you’re not turned away when coming to a church, but one single mother claims that she was fact shunned when she attempted to have her son dedicated.

Marvin Winans banned Charity Grace’s 2-year-old from participating in a special blessing at Perfecting Church in Detroit, Michigan.

She called the church a few days before the scheduled ceremony to schedule to dedication. Once the church found out that Grace was not married, they told her that Winans’ policy was that he does not bless children of unwed mothers in front of his congregation.

His action, or lack thereof, raises the question of whether or not pastors should bless babies of unwed parents.

NewsOne’s Roland Martin posed the question on his show recently.

From NewsOne:

Many callers to NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin today were okay with having the babies dedicated, but Martin got into it with a Messianic Hebrew Israelite from Durham, North Carolina who was quoting scripture. Should the parents and their children be turned away because of what Deuteronomy 23: 2 says?

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Listen to Martin’s conversation with the caller here.

Deuteronomy 23:2 states that “No one born of a forbidden marriage nor any of their descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, not even in the tenth generation.”

Was Pastor Winans right to reject Charity’s son?

Or is this just an example of a contradiction executed by the church?

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