Some parents of Spelman students are outraged after being denied entry to their child’s graduation because of tardiness.

Security guards literally locked the doors, and refused entry to anyone and everyone.

One parents, who flew all the way from California and paid over $1,000 for airfare/accommodations, alleges that the event was supposed to begin at 3 pm; yet the doors were shut at 2:30 pm.

He also says security guards levied threats at the outraged parents.

From NewsOne:

Cox, along with the other parents who were locked out, are incensed about the school’s seemingly unreasonable policy and are demanding that the college reassess it, “To simply turn us away, to at one point call the Sheriff’s Department, and to threaten us with arrests, I mean it’s just not right,” Cox told WSBTV.

“One of the memories of the day would be a Mother from New York, I believe, with tears welled up in her eyes just standing there in the rain, not believing this was happening to her and her family.”

Spelman responded to the accusations by the miffed parents, saying:

There are guidelines and protocols in place as safety measures, including no access to the facility after a certain time, and no exit and re-entry. These guidelines and protocols are conveyed in a series of communications, beginning in the fall semester of the academic year and throughout the spring semester, leading up to Commencement.

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Is Spelman in the wrong here?

Is it ever appropriate to lock a parents out of their child’s college graduation?

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