Last week, we wrote about the “I, Too Am Harvard” photo campaign meant to highlight the voices of black students on the college’s campus.

It appears that the campaign has spread to other campuses, with activists attending the University of Iowa and Oxford created their own campaigns.

From I, Too Am Iowa:

[The] photo campaign [is] based on an inspired by the creative and intelligent leaders of “I, Too Am Harvard.” Here at the University of Iowa, the experiences of people of color marginalized, unheard and devalued just as on their campus. This is one way we are here to let them know that we exist, we are here, and we, too are Iowa.

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According to “I, Too Am Oxford’s” campaign, students started the campaign after witnessing “the sharing of the Buzzfeed article ‘I, too, am Harvard’ on the online Oxford based race forum, ‘Skin Deep’ which “led to students quickly self organising a photoshoot within the same week.”

The students are demanding that a discussion take place to improve race relations on campus.

Thoughts on the wave of campaigns taking place on college campuses?

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