Ahem! The Obamanation

Aaron McGruder called it. His controversial comic/tv show, Boondocks, clowned the Obama-mania, that seems to be so resilient, back in 2009. Blocked by the historical moment that Obama represents, intellectuals and celebrities have to hush their discontent concerning President Obama—it’s an Obamanation! Excuse me I meant abomination! I’m still recovering. Damn the fool that drew up this contract that waives the duty to criticize. One of Chicago’s native sons dropped a new album this past Tuesday, and if nothing else makes it a classic let it be his honesty.  “Limbaugh is a racists, Glen Beck is a racist/Gaza Strip was getting burned, Obama didn’t say sh#t/That’s why I aint vote for him, next one either/” (Words I Never Said, by Lupe Fiasco). The imperative for Blacks to keep quiet brings serious consequences for the sensible soul; even the Redeye  predicts the alienation of Lupe by “hip-hop colleagues.”


There’s nothing wrong with “[sparring] verbally,” such as the situation between Lupe and Rhymefest after Lupe’s first “public dig” at Obama, when it produces valid accusations (read the original post and then word search “Rhymefest” within the message board). Both artists hashed out an elevated verbal spar, which is more preferable than blind allegiance. Distaste for Obama’s policies should be welcomed because it keeps Obama’s conscience renewed.