There’s no ‘Hood Disease’ after all

A viral clip using the term “Hood Disease” to describe the impact of trauma on inner-city youth raised eyebrows last week, and rightfully so.

The term was used in a story during last Friday’s newscast on KPIX-TV, a CBS affiliate in San Francisco. The story highlighted children who lived in “virtual war zones” who repeatedly experience trauma. 

NYCLU Lauches Stop and Frisk Watch Mobile App; Allows Users to Monitor Police Activity

An amazing new mobile phone app allows users to record and document a stop and frisk encounter, share the incident with other users, and report abusive police behavior.

Called the Stop and Frisk Watch App, the program was created by the NYCLU, with assistance from Jason Van Anden, a visual artist and software developer whose previous work includes the Occupy Wall Street app, “I’m Getting Arrested.”

Users can not only record a stop and frisk encounter; they can also listen in on a stop and frisk incident recorded by other users, and report the incident to the NYCLU.

NYPD ‘Stopped and Frisked’ 684,330 People in 2011; Only 12 Percent Were Actually Charged

According to NBC New York, the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” program has hit an all-time high; a whopping 684,330 people stopped in 2011 alone.

This is a 14 percent increase over 2010.

About half of those stopped are actually frisked. Of those individuals, only 12 percent were actually charged with anything.

Obviously, activists and community members are outraged by the policy, alleging that it is both racist and an abuse of power on the part of the NYPD.