“I might as well be Gay…”

As I embark on a career in broadcast journalism, I have to admit my fears. My fear is not the hideously low pay coupled with the brutal hours. Nor is it the fact that I may get a masters’ degree in something that will prove to never be worth the money. My fear is that I will be broadcasting to an audience that may not want to watch me simply because I’m black or a female or seemingly LGBTQ. How can someone be seemingly LGBTQ? Well, it starts with being an opinionated woman that refuses to show her breasts on the news. If you haven’t noticed, everyone from Oprah to U.S. Secretary of State has been accused of being homosexual even when they clearly say they are not. Now, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, but there is something wrong with the perception that an independent woman must be gay. This had led me to one conclusion, that I might as well be gay.

Marissa Alexander Faces 20 Years in Prison; Why Did ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Fail Her?

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, much of the confusion and outrage surrounding the incident has centered on the “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows individuals confronted with violence or potential harm to use deadly means of defending themselves. The “Stand Your Ground” law was used to justify the Sanford Police Department’s decision to let George Zimmerman free without charge.

But why didn’t it protect Marissa Alexander, a wife and mother of three who stood her ground against an abusive husband, and now faces 20 years in prison?