Happy Birthday to the Legendary Bob Marley!

Today would have been legendary singer-songwriter Bob Marley’s 68th birthday.

Credited with bringing worldwide attention to both reggae music and rastafarianism, Marley’s musical and political legacy continues to inspire people of all races across the globe.

There will truly never be anyone quite like Bob Marley.

Weed and Our Strivings

It feels like marijuana smoke has been filling the sky more than ever these days. Behind every humyn activity follows a library of music to support it; so the existence of music that speaks casually about “weed” implies a culture heavily influenced by “the green”. In America, Black people have witnessed an undying tradition of music being made for smoking marijuana. Rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, coming after the origins of Funk along with the antics of Rick James, broadcast a striving of the Black experience. This striving is born of struggle (shout outs to Leonard Harris) and therefore stimulates an attitude of resistance, distinguished from the functionally passive youth violence.