North Carolina Proposes Bill To Bar Access To Police Body Cams

North Carolina is working diligently to join Texas and Florida as states that have massive “You’re Not Welcome” signs hanging on their borders. If the controversial bathroom bill or testing welfare applicants for drug use wasn’t enough, state legislators are now working to pass a bill that will completely remove access to police body cameras. 

New Indiana bill gives police control of access to body cam and dashboard videos

A new bill in Indiana could put a dent on police accountability through police recordings.

House Bill 1019, authored by Republican Rep. Kevin Mahan, seeks to restrict public records requests for law enforcement recording by allowing police departments to decide whether video footage of officers—including body cameras and dashboard cameras—will be released. If police deny access, the next step would be to sue the agency.

More cops required to wear body cameras across nation


More police departments across the country are requiring members of their force to wear body cameras.

In the last few weeks, agencies in at least a dozen cities, including Ferguson, where 18-year-old Mike Brown was fatally wounded by a police officer on Aug. 9, have said they are equipping officers with video cameras.