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Report Links Chicago Charter Schools To CPS Financial Struggles

Charter schools have long been the subject of debate. Many critics feel that they’re being used as a privatized way to make public schools obsolete. While these schools receive funding from the same financial pool as public schools, they’re usually privately owned and operated. They also aren’t restricted to the same regulations as public schools. Recently, a report from a professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago has made some noteworthy connections between the city’s support of charter schools and the financial crisis currently crippling the public school system. 

Study: Charter schools have made segregation worse in Chicago


According to a new study released by the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, Charter schools have worsened school segregation in Chicago, and overall have made the city’s school system stronger.

Analysts looked at data for 2012-13 and cites major factors as reading and math scores, reading and math growth and graduation rates as contributing factors for the trend. 

Parents protest ‘school-to-prison’ pipeline education in New Orleans charter school


Parents of some New Orleans students have pulled their children out of school and are protesting the “school-to-prison” pipeline approach to the educational experiences of their children.

About 12 families are protesting the practices of three New Orleans charter schools run by Collegiate Academies, due to what they believe is an environment not conducive to learning and preparing their children for college.

Charter Schools Growing Rapidly Nationwide; But At What Price?

Charter Schools are currently the most rapidly growing sector of public education in America.

According to a recent report, enrollment rose by 200,000 students during the 2011-2012 school year.

And while many – including our friends in Congress – are big fans of charter schools, others say they’ve moved away from their intitial mission, and do not outperform traditional public schools.