10 Reasons Donald Trump Needs To Keep His Hands Off Young People’s Health Coverage

By: Nnennaya Amuchie

If only old Kanye was here to comment on the conditions facing young people under the Trump Administration. Then, we might have some public dialogue about it.

From the moment of Kanye West’s now infamous concert rant, the multi-platinum rapper  made it clear that he was #teamTrump. But recently, Kanye deleted any trace of his support for Trump from his social media. I can only hope he learned his lesson, after Kanye’s huge fan base of diverse young people were greatly disappointed by his Trump comments. Though Hillary Clinton received a lot of criticism going into and during the course of the 2016 election, young people overwhelmingly supported Clinton over  Trump.  If it wasn’t already apparent during his ongoing attacks both on the campaign trail and as POTUS, Donald Trump doesn’t care  about the consequences of his extremely unpopular and damaging policies his administration has already implemented.

In the remixed version of the old Kanye West: Donald Trump does not care about young people. If he did, he wouldn’t be trying to take away our health care.

Are we fetishizing Lupita Nyong’o?


With an Oscar win under her belt, Lupita Nyong’o will only rise to to top. She’s being hailed for her critically-acclaimed role in 12 Years a Slave, her remarkable beauty and style and her down-to-earth charm.

But is the media fetishizing Lupita Nyong’o? One blogger thinks so. In her ope-ed piece published on The Motley Crew’s Cherish refers to coverage of Lupita as “fad-like.”