Viola Davis sticks up for her daughter’s hair



It seems like it’s open season on natural hair, especially when it belongs to the child of a famous person. Blue Ivy has been the butt of many jokes for what critics call Jay Z and Beyonce’s “poor choice in styling.”

Now, actress Viola Davis is coming under fire for choosing to keep her daughter’s hair natural. But instead of ignoring the criticism, Davis is sticking up for her child, and her parenting choices. 

Father dies while defending daughter during hate crime


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A Chicago man died while defending his 15-year-old daughter from an alleged hate crime Wednesday.


Each day, 59-year-old Michael Tingling would walk his daughter Masharah to school and be waiting for her to finish up when classes were over. When a man hurled racial epithets at them, Tingling pulled his daughter behind him to protect her. 

Father who shot teen in daughter’s bedroom unlikely to face charges



A Houston father who fatally shot a 17-year-old boy after finding him inside of his daughter’s bedroom early Thursday will most likely not be charged. A grand jury still has to review the case.

The father, who was only identified as a 55-year-old in reports, was awaken by his son around 2:20 a.m. He was told someone was in his 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom and he grabbed his gun.

The man found Johran McCormick in bed with his daughter, who told him she did not know him.

Woman pushes up wedding so father awaiting heart transplant could walk her down the aisle


Lolaycia Lewis’ wedding was set for March 2014, but she pushed it up for a very important and heartwarming reason. Lewis’ father Timothy is awaiting a heart transplant, and the family didn’t know if he’d be around to walk his baby girl down the aisle.

So they brought the ceremony to the hospital chapel, and put it together in just 7 days.