What Do You Want To See Accomplished In Obama’s Second Term?

To the relief of many, President Obama defeated challenger, Governor Mitt Romney last night.

With 303 electoral votes and 50% of the popular vote, President Obama won four more years in office.

Although the Republicans maintain an advantage in the House, the Democrats hold a majority in the Senate.

So the question becomes: What will Obama accomplish in his final term?

I Learned By Watching You

(I Learned By Watching You)


Last week, I submitted a news story to the BYP concerning yet another case of bullying. Joel Morales, a 12-year-old from East Harlem, hanged himself because he had grown tired of relentless harassment from other students. I forwarded the story just a few weeks after having sent an update regarding the FAMU Marching 100’s latest hazing case. 14 FAMU students have been indicted on charges in the wake of the hazing death of former drum major, Robert Champion, who died one hour after being physically assaulted by band members. Unfortunately, neither Morales nor Champion are alone. As the (ever-problematic) “It Gets Better” project and other organizations and movements started in recent memory indicate, bullying has become an epidemic, a pitiful phenomenon that has affected every portion of this country from sea to shining sea.