Jew Hip Black Hop

Bonded by our survival of near extinctions, Jews and Blacks always leveled with agendas for ending racism. For decades this linkage of two Diasporas endured the normal strains of any relationship; specifically, numerous occasions influenced separation of the two groups with an unbreakable extension of the nasty racial myths behind both groups. However, during times when Hip Hop—a creation of Black culture—offers its home to the international community, the historical Black-Jewish relationship becomes more prevalent. Images of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King Jr. marching together reincarnate in the center of Hip Hop life, the cipher circle. Cipher circles from Israel/Palestine to South Africa to the States are all about intimacy, but closeness is always a neighbor to vulnerability. The same symbol of acceptance and alliance, at the same time reminds the community of the hatred Blacks and Jews once had for each other.