Donald Trump civil war

White people have long tried to obscure slavery as the cause of the Civil War. Donald Trump is no different.

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner‘s Salena Zito, Donald Trump – the current President of the United States – asked, “What caused the Civil War?” This led many in the news media to highlight the sitting president’s apparent lack of knowledge about the historical context surrounding this country’s most deadly war. While it might be the most convenient answer that Trump just “doesn’t know” anything about this country’s history, I have reason to believe this whole farce of a president and the antics he continues to perpetuate run much deeper than simply not knowing any better.

Donald Trump civil war

Trump’s Presidency Actually Is Normal Though…

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White people’s shock bores me. It’s that kind of bored that makes me just want to change the channel on whiteness and look for better programming.

I’m tired of the stressed out, anxious, hypertensive, frenetic whiteness that has been bubbling up everywhere since Trump shape-shifted from Agent Orange to President-Elect. The more white people try to pretend that Trump’s election is some sort of outlier, the more they deny the systems that allow them to be shocked in the first place.

Police Chief Association President Apologizes For Past Wrongdoings Against People of Color

Police have a long history of conflict with communities of color for a very, very long time. It’s not too much of a stretch to assume that this checkered past plays a role in today’s strained relationship between the two. Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police, took the opportunity to apologize. 

Go Ahead, Be Mad At Beyoncé’s Blackness

The very nature of racism has existed in every sphere and realm for quite sometime; in music, film, TV, financial services, and media as a workplace, we are often avoiding the true nature of sharing our experiences as Black individuals. But, in my 21 years of living, I’ve never witnessed a more bold, appreciative, and unapologetic Black History Month. Everyone is making moves, even the Queen Bey herself.