‘White Lives Matter’ Group Designated A Hate Group

While they’re likely to be utterly pissed and confused about it, the self-designated “White Lives Matter” group has officially been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The organization will be included in the next update of their “Hate Map,” which tracks the locations of hate groups across the country. 

‘White Lives Matter’ Protest Held Outside Of Houston NAACP

No matter how often it’s said, people still appear to believe that the Black Lives Matter is somehow racist. Despite multiple people giving explanation after explanation saying otherwise, a select population feels that the movement is actually anti-white.

A group of protestors in Houston took that inaccurate assumption and staged a demonstration in front of the Houston NAACP office with assault rifles and confederate flags, according to USA Today

Houston Police Fatally Shoot Armed Black Man

Given recent events, every instance of police shooting civilians – especially, black civilians – is going to come under scrutiny. Questions are sure to arise of whether or not deadly force was necessary and if victims may have been profiled in the first place. While it’s too early for definitive answers, those same questions are now being aimed at Houston police.

Two Houston police officers, both with ten or more years experience, saw a man standing in the street with a revolver in his hand. The man, later identified as Alva Braziel, was reportedly asked to lower his weapon by both officers and a witness. Instead, according to CBS, he raised it towards the sky, lowered it in the officers direction and they both fired multiple shots.