Comedian Artie Lang fires off racist, sexist tweets about Cari Champion




Cari Champion is known for hosting ESPN’s First Take, but now she’s been wrapped up in a mess that should have never even happened thanks to comedian Artie Lange.

Lange, who obviously finds Champion attractive, took to Twitter to rant about his “fantasies” involving the sports commentator. 

WARNING: The tweets contain offensive language that is NSW.

Guest Post: “An Open Letter to Nelly”

Dear Nelly,

At the urging of others, I am taking a hesitant trip down memory lane. I was a 19 year old junior and president of the feminist group at Spelman College when you decided to hold a bone marrow registration drive on our campus on behalf of your sister, who needed a transplant. Your now-infamous video “Tip Drill” had started airing on shows like BET’s Uncut. It features, most memorably, a scene where you slide a credit card down the crack of a black woman’s butt. My group raised questions about the misogynoir in the video and lyrics, and when we heard that you were invited to campus by our Student Government Association, it seemed fair to us that we could ask you about the dehumanizing treatment of black women while you were asking us for our help.

Marissa Alexander Sentenced To 20 YEARS In Prison

Marissa Alexander had been sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a gun over the head of her abusive husband during a violent confrontation in 2010.

Alexander claimed that during the fight she’d fled to her garage, but was unable to open its electronic door. She then grabbed a gun that she’d stashed there and returned to the kitchen, where she fired a shot above her husband’s head. Her husband was standing with his two sons at the time of the shooting.

Despite widespread protests and calls for Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law to be evoked in Alexander’s favor, the judge ruled against her. According to the Grio, the judge felt that “by returning to the house, she demonstrated that she was not in fear for her life.”

Surprise: Too Short is a Dirty Old Man

I understand the outrage at rapper Too Short’s latest comments. But should we be so up in arms? Since dropping his first song, the rapper has consistently degraded and disrespected women in his music. But it wasn’t his lyrics that drew the ire of the media and the general public over 20 years ago when he first released his single “Freaky Tales”. Instead, we listened. We allowed it, we allowed him to flourish. We allowed his ascent, consuming his music whole, misogyny and all, authenticating his persona. He ushered in the first wave of misogynistic hip hop in the 1980s and we allowed it.

We created the monster.

So why do we get up in arms behind the statements he made in an interview?

Getting Past Youth Terrorism

So I’m sick and tired of conversations about the state of Black youth ending with the same played-out solutions—restoring strong family values. Now don’t get me wrong, of course family is important, but we are mistaken if we think that broken homes are the main factors fueling gang violence. If we should blame anything it should be the freedom of humyn kind. That’s right, all moral impositions—respect, honest work, luck—remain fluid and vulnerable to one’s departure. It’s the social situation that determines the logic and integrity of any value.