Federal Judge Rules State Should Provide Mumia Abu-Jamal With Hepatitis C Treatment

Many citizens serving time in the American justice system are deprived of some of the most basic rights and services in this country. Fortunately, work is being done to slowly change this.

A huge moral victory came as a federal judge ruled that the state is required to see if Mumia Abu-Jamal is eligible for treatment for hepatitis C within 14 days. 

Mumia Abu-Jamal on Prisons

The controversy surrounding the trial and conviction of activist, journalist and former Black Panther Party member Mumia Abu-Jamal is known the world over. Since his conviction, Mumia Abu-Jamal has been a rallying point for activists who decry the seeming injustices swirling around his trial and conviction. The decades long debate over his guilt or innocence resurfaced on Tuesday after news that a new sentencing hearing had been ordered in his case.

Higher Learning: Summer M.'s Freshman Orientation Post

One of the first memories I have of my first year in college is Jell-O wrestling.  I have absolutely no idea how, on the last Saturday night before classes started, my new roommates and I — perhaps on our way to some black(er?) social event — ended up amongst a crowd of fellow co-eds, standing on the dusty lawn of some random frat house watching students wrestle in a pool of mud and The Cos’ favorite dessert, but there we were, equally befuddle and alarmed by the spectacle.  Whitley and Dwayne were not my classmates, but witnessing Jell-O wresting informed me that I was, indeed, in a different world.

Several eons have passed since that late summer night in West Lafayette, Indiana (Boiler up!).  I’ve registered and graduated and registered and graduated many times over.  In the interim, I imagine, there have been many, many more Jell-O wrestling matches featuring all too eager–and inebriated–co-eds gaining such learning on their parents’ dime.  (Seriously, how much Jell-O does one have to buy in order to properly coordinate a Jell-O wresting event?  Sounds like a math problem to me.)  Since the only thing I’ve ever been in my adult life is a student, I’ve picked my own brain to come up with a few tips.  Call it my effort to compile a list of unhackneyed advice that just might help you during your first year (and beyond) of college.  You’re welcome.