Lawsuit claims Howard University mishandled multiple instances of rape and sexual assault

A new lawsuit is offering a glimpse into how Howard University mishandled multiple instances of rape and sexual assault on its Washington D.C. campus. The lawsuit claims that five current and former female students reported being victims of rape and sexual assault only for school officials to move slowly, if at all, reports Fox 5.

Bill Cosby Trial Date Set For June, Slated To Last 2 Weeks

After months of jumping through legal hoops, Bill Cosby now has a court date. The comedian and actor is set to stand trial for the 2004 rape of Andrea Constand. A Pennsylvania court judge ruled that Cosby’s trial would begin on June 5.

The trial is slated to last two weeks, according to NBC NewsAn anonymous jury will be gathered from Pittsburgh residents. 

Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Is Precisely Why We Must Get Real About Athletes And Rape Culture

“It’s just locker room talk.”

“No, it’s not locker room talk at all.”

“But what about Beyoncé’s lyrics?”

Over the past week (though it feels much, much longer) the American public has been bombarded with a series of mediocre justifications for a presidential candidate’s boastful comments about sexually harassing and assaulting women, none more agitating than the Trump campaign’s insistence that his comments were commonplace among men, and therefore undeserving of widespread attention. The quickness and ease with which his surrogates settled on the ‘locker room talk’ excuse was truly fascinating to see; there is no doubt in my mind that his supporters think his remarks are justifiable within certain spaces.

And though their overarching point is indefensible, the thinking that led them to that conclusion is not wrong.

California Ends Statute of Limitations For Rape Following Bill Cosby Case

Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by dozens of women but only a handful of them will be able to take any kind of legal action due to statute of limitations that legally absolves rapists of any accountability of their crime(s) after a specified amount of time has passed. If that sounds like a problematic concept to you, you’re not alone.

California Governor Jerry Brown has now signed a bill that officially ended the state’s statute of limitations on rape cases, according to Reuters. The law takes effect on January 1, 2017. 

‘Drinking and Promiscuity’ Didn’t Make Brock Turner Into A Rapist

Brock Turner, the Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious woman, offered to speak to college students about the dangers of “drinking and promiscuity.” The problem here, however, is not alcohol or promiscuous behavior: it is Turner’s crime, his refusal to acknowledge his wrongdoing, and the suggestion that alcohol and promiscuity are the same thing as rape.

Nate Parker and the Rape Stories We Don’t Tell

I told myself I would not write about Nate Parker being a rapist.

I’d known about his sexually violent history for years, and the vileness of his queerantagonism, too. The depth of his awfulness had already been addressed, and so it was odd to me—but certainly predictable—to witness the conversation rehashed at such a moment, in such a way.

President of Morehouse College Joins Spelman Student in Solidarity

The president of Morehouse College has spoken up about the Spelman student who had been raped. The college is pursuing an investigation regarding allegations that a women attending the neighboring Spelman College was gang-raped by four Morehouse students at a party,which the student anonymously shared on Twitter under the moniker @RapedAtSpelman.

Texas School Assembly On Rape And Domestic Abuse Leaves Students In Tears

School assemblies are pretty much hit or miss opportunities. The attention of younger students is hard to keep and approaching them the wrong way could shut them out entirely. But a recent assembly at a Texas school about rape and domestic abuse reportedly got off on the wrong foot and got even worse as time went on.

According to the Root, a speaker visited Humble High School to speak to ninth and tenth grade girls for International Women’s Day. The conversation started off with positive messages of self-love, but became problematic when the speaker singled out a group of girls in the audience.