How Different are Americans and Europeans, actually?

If someone asked you how Americans and Europeans were different, would you be able to answer them succinctly? Sure, it seems like there are a lot of similarities like our democratic foundations, an alliance that has lasted for more than fifty years, and some of the highest living standards worldwide. What about some of the other issues though, like individualism, the role of government, free expression, religion, and morality? How do we differ with Europe when it comes to principles like those?

Survey: White Christians Don’t Believe Black Experiences with Police Violence

Could you imagine a society where the police brutality cases were simply isolated incidents? What would the world look like if we could individually look at the act of police killing Black Americans as mistakes separate from one another?

Those questions arise as a new Public Religion Research Institute survey has found that white Christians are less likely than other groups to believe that the experiences that black Americans face.

Wheaton College Plans to Terminate Black Woman Professor Who Wore Hijab

The college that placed a professor on leave for wearing a Hijab in December has now issued a “Notice of Recommendation to Initiate Termination-for-Cause Proceedings” against the woman.

Larycia Hawkins, Associate Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College, was put on administrative leave “to explore significant questions regarding the theological implications of her recent public statements, including but not limited to those indicating the relationship of Christianity to Islam” the school said via a statement.

Black churches more accepting of gays, study finds


According to a new survey, overall acceptance of gays and lesbians in the country’s religious congregations rose significantly between 2006 and 2012, but declined in Catholic congregations.

Duke University’s National Congregations Study found the trend by interviewing representatives from 1,331 congregations in the country. 

Philadelphia school district accused of discrimination against hair


A Philadelphia school district has been accused by the Department of Justice of discriminating against an employee who said he couldn’t trim his beard for religious reasons.

The lawsuit, filed by the Justice department, alleges the School District of Philadelphia instituted a grooming policy preventing school security officers from having beards more than a quarter of an inch long and discriminated against Siddiq Abu-Bakr and others by failing to accommodate their religious beliefs.