Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs bill to ban out-of-school suspensions for young students

The punishment of out-of-school suspensions always confused me. If the point of schools is to prepare students for the future, why would you punish them by letting them stay at home? Especially if school is a safe-haven for them during the day. This is a fundamental part of the school-to-prison pipeline that’s often overlooked. Fortunately, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 674 into law and helped fix this major oversight in the education system. 

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Tippit Middle School in Texas calls racial harassment of student inappropriate, but not bullying

A Texas middle school is being criticized for failing to take the opportunity to properly handle racism in its student body by a parent. Robert Ranco, a civil rights attorney, says that his 12-year-old daughter was subject to multiple instances of racial harassment by her classmates and the school responded with a half-measure. Ranco told Huff Post that his daughter was called an ape and was subject to being whipped with garbage at Tippit Middle School. He found out about the first incident when she text him with a question.

Students win offensive awards at Anthony Aguirre Junior High School

Parents of students at Anthony Aguirre Junior High School have come forward with stories about receiving offensive awards from a teacher. Sydney Caesar says her award says, “Most Likely to Blend in with White People.” Now, Lizeth Villanueva received one that declared “Most Likely to Become a Terrorist,” according to Fox 26 Houston

Texas police chief on administrative leave after arresting Miss Black Texas USA

A Texas police chief has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into an arrest of a black beauty pageant contestant/law intern. Carmen S. Ponder, Miss Black Texas USA U.S. Ambassador 2016 and an intern with the Hunt County, Texas, District Attorney’s Office, claims that she was arrested by Police Chief Kerry Crews and called a “black bitch” before spending a night in jail. Ponder’s attorney, Lee Merritt, recounted the events leading up to the arrest on Facebook

Black Teen Sues McKinney, Texas and Former Officer for $5M Due to Pool Party Arrest

In June 2015, Dajerria Becton was forced to the ground by a McKinney police officer after residents complained that a pool party was getting out of control. The video of the officer with his knee in the teenager’s back quickly went viral and added to a national discussion of excessive force against people of color.

Becton is now filing a lawsuit against McKinney, the police department and former officer Eric Casebolt. She is seeking $5 million in damages.