Black Teen Sues McKinney, Texas and Former Officer for $5M Due to Pool Party Arrest

In June 2015, Dajerria Becton was forced to the ground by a McKinney police officer after residents complained that a pool party was getting out of control. The video of the officer with his knee in the teenager’s back quickly went viral and added to a national discussion of excessive force against people of color.

Becton is now filing a lawsuit against McKinney, the police department and former officer Eric Casebolt. She is seeking $5 million in damages.

How many more brutal police videos do we need until we take police abolition seriously?

I grew up in Oakland, California in the nineties and have been arrested and harassed by police more times in my life than I can count.

I have been one of the people running away when we heard the call, “5-0! 5-0!” signalling that, no matter what we were doing – lawful or otherwise – it was time to disperse because the police were coming. I have never needed videos showing other Black people being terrorized across the country to understand intimately the consequences of the State’s hypervigilant criminalizing of Black folx in Black ‘hoods. Frankly, I am confused why anyone, at this point, still does.

Texas Governor Is Requiring Abortion Patients To Bury Fetal Remains

After a Supreme Court battle this summer over the TRAP Laws which closed over half of the abortion clinics in the state of Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbot is once again attempting to over-regulate abortion care providers into submission. According to the New York Times, Texas just passed a law requiring all fetal remains to be buried or cremated, which abortion rights advocates claim is an unnecessary step and in no way benefits women’s health.

Texas Cheerleading Coach Threatens To Sit Only Black Cheerleader Over Braids

Black girls just can’t seem to get a break where their hair is concerned. Kemirah Jn-Marie, the only black cheerleader for Ross S. Sterling High School’s varsity squad in Baytown, Texas, learned this lesson the hard way recently.

The school’s rules clearly state that cheerleader’s hair should all be “pulled back in a secure ponytail” and“must not distract from the cheer environment.” However, her coach threatened to not let her participate during an upcoming football game if she showed up wearing the same braids she wore to school, according to ABC13.

It Matters That A Texas Officer Thinks Blacks Have ‘Violent Tendencies’

In dashcam footage of the violent July 2015 arrest of 26-year-old Breaion King, a Black woman and elementary school teacher in Texas, an Austin police officer named Patrick Spradin explains to King that part of the reason why so many Whites are afraid of Black people is because they have “violent tendencies.”

This explanation is his justification for the unwarranted body slamming and physical assault she was subjected to by an officer twice her size. Whether he knew it or not, this officer was verifying that, even when Black people are doing nothing threatening or violent, they are seen as dangerous by many Whites. This is the case even when those White people wear blue.