The Game Donates $1 Million to Flint, Michigan

Musicians are truly stepping up their game when it comes to giving support for Flint, Michigan citizens. The Game is the newest rapper to give money or supplies to the city with lead-contaminated water. According to the Michigan Chronicle, the rapper has donated $500,000 of his money during their crisis. He has also said that the water bottle company Avita Water will donate an additional $500,000.

In case those two numbers confused you, The Game is contributing $1 million worth of water bottles to Flint, Michigan on behalf of his charity, The Robin Hood Project.

The Game challenges George Zimmerman to a boxing match, says he ‘will beat the f*** out of him’


George Zimmerman has agreed to box anybody. That’s right. Zimmerman, who has apparently taken up boxing since being acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin in 2012, will be jumping in the ring–for charity.

While his opponent has yet to be selected, rapper and reality television star The Game told TMZ that he’d “beat the f*** out of him.” 

I Know Why Black Men act the Way they Act: Peter Pan Syndrome!!

As I walked home yesterday from the market with my several bags of groceries and my godson in toe being harassed by young black men who probably could be my nephews, I finally understood why many Black men act the way they do. Why they are completely impervious to emotions. Why they can sleep with countless numbers of women and men and deny their sexuality. Why they have so much free time to harass me as I walk down the street (al. holding constant the double digit unemployment rate in the black community). Why they can walk away from raising their children. Yes, I know why they act the way they act. It’s pretty simple. They have no social responsibility and by extension no emotional responsibility.

Chicken Trucks and Black and Milds: "The Game" Returns

Alright, so I’m a huge fan of the game. More than the storyline or subpar writing, I am a fan of the chemistry. The actors just seemed to work on that show. So like many others, I was crushed with the series was cancelled by the CW. For well over a year, I clung to reruns and rumors of a resurrection. Finally the rumors were confirmed when BET got behind the show and brought it back. I was apprehensive but my feelings toward BET were not enough to quell my excitement about the return of the game. The new season premiered last night. Same cast, most of the same writers but none of the magic.

Do Black People Watch HBO’s True Blood? or Do we Only watch BET's the Game?


I am very excited about the première of the third season of True Blood—dashing Bill, virginal Sookie, stereotypical of black women Terra, sinisterly charming Eric, and rogue-like Jason Stackhouse. To say the least, I am a fan, but not a cult-like fan. I would never attend a True Blood movie première dressed as a Vampire, a Hobbit (i.e. Lorde of the Rings), a boy wizard (i.e. Harry Potter), or as an Upper East Side fashionistas (i.e. Sex and the City). That’s not me.

I’m just a regular-ole-everyday kind of fan who wanted to invite her regular-ole-everyday black friends to her modestly small apartment to watch the third season première of True Blood. In my mind, it was a simple request. But, the response from my dear “tried and true” black friends was, “Black people don’t watch True Blood.” What? What do you mean black people don’t watch True Blood? The sheer numbers of weekly viewers alone attest to the fact that there must be a percentage of black people watching the show. Perhaps, the type of fandom black people display is more low key then die heart Twilight fans. Perhaps, we do not join online groups and play fantasy football version of True Blood’s picks.