NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 06:  Yvette Nicole Brown attends "Hamilton" Broadway Opening Night at Richard Rodgers Theatre on August 6, 2015 in New York City.

It’s Time Black Actresses Played More Than The ‘Sassy’ Sidekick

“I’m tired of it, and I want more for our people.” – Yvette Nicole Brown

Black women are stereotyped and categorized non-stop in the entertainment industry, whether it be in music videos, on television shows, or movies, black women are not being portrayed as their full selves. Through media’s warped and biased lens, these women are either hyper-sexualized or given too much attitude for one person to handle…because it makes for a renewed season (Thanks, Cookie Lyon for the most recent example!).

Well, one woman is finally talking about what it means to be a black actress in Hollywood, and discussing her issues with the “sassy” requirement that all Black women must hone before stepping a half step into the doors of Hollywood magic.

That woman? Yvette Nicole Brown.

Today in Post-Race History: The Essential Tyler Perry

Right so, according to my Facebook page and Twitter account, Tyler Perry and Oprah (aka Madea and Miss Sophia) tried to get all Watch the Throne on us and collabo on some crappy TV shows. Essentially, Tyler created a couple of shows for his BFF’s fledgling network, a bunch of people watched them and concluded that not only do they suck, but the The Haves and the Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor are the televisual equivalent of the hair relaxer: Bad for black women. So bad, in fact, that there’s a petition about getting Tyler Perry off OWN, as if all that other stuff on the network is, like, awesome. But whatever.

“The Haves and Have Nots” Gets Horrible Reviews; Inspires Petition Demanding OWN Dump Tyler Perry

Oprah Winfrey’s partnerhsip with Tyler Perry has gotten off to a very rocky start.

His new soap opera “The Have and the Have Nots” has been absolutely destroyed by critics for horrific writing, acting, and its adherence to racist themes and stereotypes. Everyone from the L.A. Times to the Crunk Feminist Collective has condemned nearly every element of the show .

A petition has even been launched, demanding that OWN sever ties with Perry.

Madea and Oprah Walk into a Bar

Instead of letting all of my righteous indignation flood the internet, I email back and forth with a couple of homies about stuff we see here. We sometimes conclude that it must be our brains that our screwed up, because clearly everyone else seems okay with all of this mess. A recent string of conversations has featured a side conversation about how no black Onion exists because all of the potential black Onion articles are featured on other sites as serious thought pieces. (Now, I understand that this claim is rather reductive and does not apply solely to black people, but this is a blog about black people, so let’s go with it.) I mean, seriously, someone wrote an article about being sophistiratchet. Yes, not only is there now an official portmanteau for this “identity,” but there’s an accompanying article that does not seem to be satire. And said article is featured on a blog called For Harriet. (Yes,that Harriet. Not your mama’s cousin Harriet. Not Harriet Winslow. That Harriet.)

With articles like that, who needs satire?

But that’s not even that bad. Want to know why there’s really no black Onion? Because Madea and Sofia made a video.


From HIV to Sexual Assault, Tyler Perry’s Latest Film is ALL KINDS of Problematic

Tyler Perry’s latest film has been getting horrific reviews, not just for the sub-par film making and acting, but also for the incredibly problematic and offensive messages it implicitly sends.


Temptation tells the story of a woman who engages in a steamy, risky affair, and comes to suffer the consequences.