Far too many Black youth continue to be demonized, criminalized and murdered.  

Enough is enough!  

In response to this intensifying crisis, the Black Youth Project (BYP) has launched, “The Pledge”.

With “The Pledge”, we are asking individuals and organizations to close ranks around black youth and make a commitment to take action and fight with black youth as they confront a relentless crisis. We at the BYP believe that each person can make a difference by doing something!

By taking The Pledge we not only articulate our concern about black youth, but symbolically unite our voices with others who will work to confront this crisis.

If we each take action, whether it is starting a group, signing a petition, or mentoring a young person in your neighborhood, then we all become a part of the solution.

Stand with Black Youth!

Click Here to Take the Pledge! 

Also download the The Pledge Mixtape a joint project between  The Black Youth Project (BYP) and Power of Purpose, Inc. (POP) to provide a platform for those who would like to use hip-hop as a tool.

The Pledge Mixtape is a 14 song CD featuring Rhymefest, Lupe Fiasco, Mikkey Halsted, Psalm One, and various local artists taking back their communal power through music.

Check out these essential tracks, and remember to take the BYP Action Pledge, and stand with Black Youth against the inequality and injustice that too often define our world.