There’s a new doll on the market. The Rooti doll, designed by London-based Nigerian couple Chris and Ada Ngoforo, are programmed to speak several African languages.

The doll line stemmed from the couple’s difficulty in finding dolls that reflected the values and images they desired to convey to their daughters.

From Clutch:

“The unfortunate effect of this stereotypical misrepresentation is a case of low self-esteem among black children who have been directly or indirectly made to believe less in themselves as a black child. They have been made to believe that you have to look like a white doll to be accepted as beautiful or even good.” Ngoforo told CNN.

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The line features several different doll personality types. There’s Nina, a “vibrant girl” hailing from Nigeria, who can speak the languages of Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and Ibibio. There’s also Ama, who is described as a “bubbling dynamic girl” who dreams of becoming a doctor one day.

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