The following post originally appeared on under the title of “Killing Daddy’s Little Girl.”

By: Thy Black Man

With this Article I want to address the nation-wide seriousness of the Dead Beat Father Syndrome. This is a sickness that has destroyed generation after generation of young girls without any justice being given to these children. And yes it affects young boys as well, but boys have a stronger tolerance for pain than girls.Little Girls are fragile simply because they are feminine , that is what makes them special , but to force a girl to be tough goes against her nature and damages her mentally. A boy can get over things easier , but a female holds on to pain because it is something that she cant believe is happening to her. Because in her mind she is a ” Princess ” and should be protected from hurt and pain ( And she is right ). A boy on the other hand is a warrior , he was born to take pain because life to a warrior is a battle. 

But a female is delicate and highly sensitive and to not be ” Daddy’s Little Girl ” robs her of the true meaning of her life because a girl is born to be the joy of a man, and it starts with her father. Without that she grows up angry and resentful towards men but still finds the faith to believe that one day she will find a good man. But her dreams keep turning into nightmares because she keeps finding dead beats that keep reminding her of her father. And that hate continues to grow, never being able to get any relief like a cut that keeps getting split open every time it starts to heal. And it continues to work on their mind making her lesser and lesser ” innocent “. She becomes hard and cold and that’s simply because life wont let her be the daddy’s girl she wants to be.

Dead Beat Fathers are the worst criminals in the world , because they are committing Crimes Against Humanity , they themselves are human tools of mass destruction. They are destroying generation after generation of women and children by robbing these young girls of their humanity. And if you ask any stripper , or prostitute , or promiscuous woman she will tell you that her father was a dead beat. These Dead Beats are turning  “Princess into Whores ” , women that would have other wise been great wives are now scared and paranoid of being hurt by men and for good reason. Their entire life has become a paranoid trip through hell – always feeling alone and afraid. And when they become mothers they are haunted by the fact that their daughters may have to go through the same torture and it is sad to watch. Because she knows what kind of men are out there waiting to ruin a young girl but there is nothing she can really do about it.

A Dead Beat Father is a murderer on a psychological level , he kills the human spirit of a child. Many prison inmates talk about not having a father and how they might not even be in jail if they would have had one in their lives growing up. But now being a dead beat is common and even cool to not have any responsibility ( why ? ) because to many women just except it. But maybe the parents don’t care , but the children care and they live in pain everyday of their lives ( Especially the Girls ). They are constantly wondering why daddy didn’t love me , was i not beautiful enough ? They come to believe that they are nothing – not worthy of love , so they take abuse from men because they are use to it. ( Why ? ) Because they have been abused all of their lives , the abuse their heart has felt thinking that daddy doesn’t love them.

This all brings me to my final point , the law is too merciful on these Psychological Terrorist , women should force the courts to focus more on rehabilitating these men. And their measures should be extreme because you are dealing with an extreme sickness. These men should be looked at as serious as a killer , because the psychological torture they are inflicting on innocent children is psychotic. And a female mind can not take that kind of stress because before long she will snap – she will either kill someone or worry herself into bad health , or drug herself to death , or use sex to relieve the stress and catch a disease and die. This is the kind of lives these dead beats are creating for these little girls , and at the same time their mothers are watching them go through this agony and it is killing her as well.
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