The journey through life is always different and challenging.
We have to make choices along the way to our future. Some of the choices are
good and some are bad but you can live to create success out of each situation.

What is success? Success is being able to fail, take criticism and using it to
grow. Sometimes we have to look our self in the mirror and be truthful to life
about things you should be doing to become successful. We all have a story to
tell but how did that story strengthen your life to become a better person.

Every step in life will not always be easy. Everything will
not always be the same. For example I was a program coordinator for 9yrs at my
old job. Now that I am running my own company I am the Executive Director and
the task has changed for me to operate an Organization verses a program. I have
to adapt or I will lose it all. Success carries weight because there are a lot of
people who expect you to make it and there are a lot of people who don’t want
you to make it.

You must come up with a plan to have mentors, a support team
that will show you love and challenge you to become better, pray, have faith,
and the Number 1 rule is be Humble. You can only control your own actions. So
stand up and start walking to your road of success.