Tony Robinson

Nineteen year-old Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. was shot by Madison, Wisconsin police officer Matt Kenny on Friday, March 6th. Since Friday night, demonstrations have swelled in Madison, with Robinson’s family and community members demanding answers.

Robinson’s death comes just after the DOJ released a scathing report on the city of Ferguson’s racist policies. The DOJ also announced that they would not pursue charges against Darren Wilson, the officer responsible for Mike Brown’s death. The DOJ outcome seems to be representative of Duke University sociologist, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, findings that we have moved into an era of there being “racism without racists.”

1. Who was Tony Terrell Robinson, Jr?:

Tony was a recent high school graduate. It has been reported that Robinson suffered from anxiety, depression, ADHD. There’s a larger conversation to be had about policing and the intersections of race and mental health.

2. Robinson appears to have been shot in his own home:

Police claim that Kenny was responding to a domestic disturbance report when he shot and killed Robinson. Kenny is said to have forced his way inside of Robinson’s home after hearing a disturbance and fired shots after Robinson attempted to attack him.

3. The officer responsible was cited for the shooting of a Black man in 2007:

Matt Kenny shot and killed Ronald Brandon in 2007. Kenny was eventually exonerated from any wrong doing.

4. Wisconsin is the worst place for Black Americans in the county:

No, that is not an hyperbole. A study determined that Black Americans fair worse in the state of Wisconsin than any other state in the Union. Milwaukee also has the distinction of incarcerating the highest amounts of Black men in the country.

5. What’s happening in response:

Young, Gifted and Black, a youth organization, has led the organizing surrounding Robinson’s death. Hundreds of people participated in a demonstration at Madison’s capitol building today.


6. Why is this important?

Because Black lives matter.


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