For the second time in two years, a 24-year-old California woman has saved the life of a car accident victim.

Keenia Williams is being hailed for her bravery after pulling a driver from an overturned vehicle on I-80 Wednesday morning. 


“I must be a real angel to many people. I don’t even really know,” said Williams. Williams said she was driving home to Vallejo on Interstate 80 near Pinole at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning when she had to slam on her brakes. Two vehicles crashed into each other right in front of her. Williams said she could see that one car was driven by a woman. “The truck hit her. She started to put her brakes on, but then a car hit her and sent her backwards,” Williams described. “Her car then hit the wall and overturned.”

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Williams hopped out of her car and ran toward the overturned vehicle. She was able to loosen the driver’s seat belt, and pull the woman from the smoking vehicle. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after.

In 2011, Williams and her daughter were riding along Highway 101 in San Francisco when she pulled up to an accident. She got out of her car, jumped over a stream of leaking fuel and pulled an unconscious truck driver to safety.

Williams was honored by both the city of San Francisco and the California Highway Patrol for her life-saving action.


Ms. Williams is truly a blessing.

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